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.barcelona is the new domain extension (nTLD) that represents the city of Barcelona, one of the most important cities in Europe.
The mission of this new domain requested by the City Council of Barcelona is to channel cultural, identity and prestige values of Barcelona online and offer visitors and users a meeting space to connect and provide answers to the community .barcelona

The benefits of registering .barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the most important cities in Europe. The capital of Catalonia and its metropolitan area is part of one of the strongest economic engines of Spain.


The Barcelona brand is synonymous of work, culture, art, tourism, sports,art, fashion, leisure, people.. So no matter what your company does, the .barcelona domain fits with your business model..


mgustaBarcelona is positioning itself to the world as a city of change and continued growth; it is also a reference for the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industry, which also stands outs in fields such as tourism,culture, architecture, fashion, food, research and new technologies.


mgustaamarilloBarcelona is a cosmopolitan city which attracts thousands of visitors and tourists every year. The city has one of the major seaports of Spain, besides being an important means of entry and exit of goods; it is also an undeniable destination for cruise ships full of tourists that arrive at the Port of Barcelona ready to enjoy the city and its shops. The City of Counts also has one of the main airports in the country which attracted 37.5 million passengers in 2014.

mgustaIn the Barcelona Trade Fair there are numerous exhibitions, conferences, fairs for professionals among which is the largest in the world in its sector that is the “Mobile World Congress” or the urban fashion show “The Brandery” and the construction fair “Construmat” among others, all this translates into 3.5 million visitors annually.

mgustaamarilloThe success of local domains and in this case the .barcelona is secured, there are many users who seek a company because of its geographical location and Barcelona has become the fourth most searched city in Google with 939 million results. If you have a business in Barcelona or want to enhance your presence in Barcelona hire your .barcelona domain and discover the benefits you can obtain by hiring this new domain extension.

.barcelona Registration Phases:

Sunrise Date: January 12 to March 15, 2016.

This phase is divided into 5 priority phases:

Trademark holders registered in the TMCH Trademark Clearinghouse have priority to register .barcelona domain. During this period only SMD file holders will be allowed to register a .barcelona domain, the SMD file is provided by the Clearinghouse. If there is more than one application for the same domain the request will be submitted to an auction.

Public Administrations Limited Registration Period (LRP) aimed at the Public Administrations with effect in the province of Barcelona.  (See priorities)

The LRP (Limited Registration Period) allows brands that are not registered in TMCH but are registered and have effect in the province of Barcelona to register .barcelona domains. If there is more than one application for the same domain
the request will be submitted to an auction.

Companies with a registered office in Barcelona or his province but do not have a registered trademark may also register their .barcelona domain within this phase. The domain must match the name of the company or any other registered domain in any other tld. If there is more than one application for the same domain the request will be submitted to an auction.

The Landrush Phase is for those domain name applications that do not quality for sunrise registration, but want to apply for a .barcelona domain before it opens to the general public at a higher price. If the end of this periodif there is a more than one application the request will be submitted to an auction to determine which applicant registers the domain.

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General Availability Date: March 21, 2016

The General Availability Phase has no restrictions, any company or person can register a .barcelona domain on a first-come first-serve basis.

.barcelona domain features:

  • IDN (Internationalized Domain Names): As other top-level domains, .barcelona domains can be registered with special characters (ñ, ç, à, á, ü,…).
  • Registration for years: The .barcelona domain allows registration for
    periods of 1 to 10 years.
  • Renewals: You can renew .barcelona domains from 1 to 10 years.
  • Modifications: Allows modification of domain data.
  • Domain Transfer: Allows domain transfer between registrars following the ICANN rules.
  • Holder Change: Allows updating holder data according to the rules established by the Registry.
  • Adding additional services: You can associate the .barcelona domain to a website, a hosting plan or a redirection to improve your web presence.